Commercial Solar, The Perfect Timing

Its perfect timing to go solar. 

  1. Fluent offers industry leading financing to meet your companies needs 

  2. No upfront costs to start your project 

  3. Costs to go Solar is at an all-time low while Federal and State Incentives remain high

  4. Quick R.O.I.


From sun rays to dollars saved, making the switch is simple  


Fluent Solar will help you quickly increase your bottom line by decreasing energy cost that you can reinvest back into your business.  Owning your own power will also help you alleviate the rising cost of utilities of your current electric company.


Business Freedom from the Sun


Utility costs are going to continue to sky rocket and increase your annual operating costs. Creating your own power is the solution.

  1. Installing solar panels adds value to your business model and the property that they are on

  2. Take advantage of Federal and State Tax benefits and eligible depreciation 

  3. Reduce your carbon footprint and increase your client appeal by using energy that truly does make a difference in the community 


Let us be the experts 

We will professionally design your system and make adjustments to fit your budget and financial goals.  Each commercial project is different, so no cookie-cutter designs, well pay close attention to your needs so you can get the custom outcome that you want for your business. If needed, we will help you get approved for the latest solar-specific financing from the top lenders in the country.  Once the project is approved and funded our installation team will work closely with you to professionally install your beautiful array.The Fluent experience is turnkey and doesn't require a lot your time, so you can focus on your business.


Apply today


Understanding Tax Credits and Incentives

Federal Tax Credit: Commercial Business's that invest in owning a solar energy system are eligible for a 30% Federal Tax Credit.  When the business has a tax liability, this can be applied dollar for dollar as a credit towards unpaid taxes. 

State Tax Incentive: The business is also eligible to receive a 10% credit from the State, or a maximum of $50,000.

MARCS depreciation: Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System or in other words, the depreciation of the equipment can be written off.  PV systems are eligible for 5 year straight line depreciation.  60% is credited the first year and 10% each of the remaining 4 years.  Its possible with this incentive businesses can receive up to an additional 20-30% off the total cost of the system. (also see IRS Rule 179) 

What if my business doesn't have a tax appetite? With access to multiple financial options we can provide financial services that are economical even when your unable to claim the tax credits or depreciation.


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