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5 Things That You Can Expect From a Fluent Solar Consultation

1. Meet with a qualified solar consultant

A qualified Fluent Solar consultant will meet with you to talk about the benefits and facts about going solar. Our solar consultants are energy specialists and will work with you to find a custom solution towards owning your own power!

2. Create an individualized solar plan for you

We will collect your power bill so that we can build a unique and individualized solar proposal/design. We look at your utility bill because we need to see your power usage and to match that usage with your future panels. This proposal will show you the best placement for your panels as well.

3. You’ll learn how solar will work for you and your family

Our consultant will educate you on the benefits of owning solar, how solar works, and ultimately help you understand how you and your family will benefit from solar.

4. Presenting your individualized solar plan

We will present your proposal/design to you with your yearly production estimates, cost, and time frames.

5. We take care of the process from here on out

We take care of the solar process from A-Z. From our appointment to installation to turning on your solar system. We will walk you through each step and take care of you.

We can’t wait to meet you!

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