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A Bright Future for Solar Energy

When there are so many benefits from going solar, seeing growth should come as no surprise. Benefits such as lower energy costs, public awareness of clean energy, and federal policies such as tax credits. These have made the biggest impact on why consumers are making the switch to going solar.

To put a number to this growth, in the last decade, solar has grown an average of 49% per year. At this rate, we’ll be doing a lot of good for the planet’s health. Another fact, more than 89 gigawatts have been installed in the nation which could power 16 million homes.

Higher demand for solar, in turn, has led to even more benefits. Job opportunities in the solar industry have increased to currently about 250,000 solar jobs which is a great help to the economy. Another plus is more energy freedom for families instead of being tied to fluctuating and increasing costs from utility bills. More solar creates less reliance on fossil fuels and less pollution.

Prices of solar energy will continue to drop and technology will continue to improve. This will lead to more growth of solar and more happy solar energy consumers. At Fluent Solar, we greatly appreciate this growth. If you haven’t made the switch to solar yet, then click here.

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