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Debunking Myths About Solar

There are many misconceptions when it comes to solar. So, we're here to shed some light on the truth.

Myth: Solar Only Works in Warm Climates.

Truth: Solar Works Anywhere!

Pretty much any climate is excellent for solar as long as nothing is shading the panels, inhibiting it from producing energy. Solar produces power from the sun and not from heat, so the temperature does not affect much. Cold temperatures can actually help your panels be more efficient.

Myth: Going Solar is Expensive.

Truth: You'll Save Money Going Solar.

You’ll actually be saving money when you go solar. The cost of utility bills is rising while financing your solar panels stays consistent. Utility companies are always fluctuating their monthly bill, and they are increasing each month and each year. When you go solar, you will be paying for the panels, so the energy you are producing is practically free.

Myth: Solar Panels Don't Look Good.

Truth: Solar Panels Look Sleek.

Some may feel that panels are not a good look, but they add a clean and sleek look to any home. We also now provide SILFAB 370 panels that are black on black, making it a more versatile option for your roof. Having panels on your home does a whole lot of good for you and your family, so how could they not look great?!

Myth: Snowy Climates Will Inhibit Solar Production.

Truth: Panels Can Produce Under Snow.

Heavy snowfall may need to be brushed off panels but will produce even with a thin layer of snow. Also, panels are installed at an angle so that the snow can slide off. Like we said above, cold temperatures can improve the efficiency of production too.

Now that we've debunked these myths, you have more reasons to make the switch to solar!

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