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Four Easy Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Our love for the earth runs deep at Fluent Solar. It is the whole reason we do what we do! We believe there are many ways to reduce our carbon emissions, but here are four simple steps you can take today.

Use Reusable Bags

This is a common method in healing our environment that has proven to be effective. Plastic bags are light weight and move easily with the wind making them one of the most frequent forms of litter.

By using reusable bags, we diminish the litter found both on the side of the road and in our natural ecosystems.

Grow Produce at Home

Nurturing your own garden has many benefits. These gardens reduce food transportation costs as well as water run off.

Homegrown also provides food security and access to fresh food.

Ride With Friends

Carpooling to work or school can greatly benefit the environment by reducing vehicle emissions. It is also easy on your wallet, reducing the cost of gas and vehicle repairs.

Switch to Clean Energy

Making the switch to clean energy has a list of benefits. Some of the biggest perks include reduced carbon emissions from large energy plants as well as cash savings on your electric bill.

When you choose Fluent Solar for your clean energy needs, you will find top of the line service and equipment. Get your free quote today!

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