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Four Eco-Friendly Businesses That Have Caught Our Eye

Businesses are being innovative and thoughtful about growing in their industry while also positively impacting the environment. We want to highlight those businesses and the good they are doing for the planet.

1. Patagonia

We mentioned in a past post how pre-loved clothing is a more sustainable option than buying new. Well, more and more brands that we love are selling their pre-loved pieces. Patagonia now sources their pre-loved pieces and offers them to purchase from a second party. Also, if any of your Patagonia pieces need to be repaired, they can make the fix! We love that they support consumers to fix instead of buying new.

2. Cotopaxi

Many are also choosing to use recycled materials for their products to be more environmentally responsible. Cotopaxi has been selling products made from 94% of recycled materials, and in the next year, they aim to use 100% recycled materials for their products.

3. Terracycle

Terracycle is all about taking waste and selling it to businesses, making it easier for companies to do their part. TerraCycle can recycle anything, and anyone can send their trash to be recycled. They also donate proceeds to charities.

4. Fluent Solar

We couldn’t resist talking about solar and how more solar companies are popping up. Fluent Solar is our favorite, though ;) Solar is helping to reduce carbon emissions for cleaner air as well as helping to save water.

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