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Ground Mount Vs. Roof Mount

During your solar consultation, we will help you figure out all the details of your future solar power system. During this process, we’ll see if your home fits a ground mount or a roof mount. This means that your solar panels could be mounted in your yard or mounted on your roof.

Ground Mounts

Ground Mounts would be ideal for customers with a larger yard and with a spot of clear access to the sun. Ground mounts are great because they can be installed at any location, can face any direction, and at multiple angles. This can give optimal energy production. Ground mounts are also easily accessible for maintenance. During installation, ground mounts require digging and trenching to connect wires from the panels to your home electrical system.

Roof Mounts

Roof mounts are our most popular option. They utilize unused space on your roof and don’t take up as much space as a ground mount might if you don’t have space for it. While panels are on top of the roof, they can be more secure to keep unwanted visitors away.

Whatever choice you and a Future Solar consultant make, it will be a wise choice because of all of the benefits you’ll receive with solar.

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