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Recycling Solar Panels

You’ve probably wondered what you should do with your solar panels after they have reached their lifespan. We know you’ve got a long time until you’ll need to think about this, but we love to talk about the future and promoting sustainable choices.

Did you know that after your solar panels are at the end of their life cycle, they can then be recycled? Solar panels are very durable, and a panel’s lifespan is about 25 to 30 years. Being able to recycle solar panels after they have run their course is just one of the many reasons why solar energy is a great, clean energy choice.

Since solar panels are so durable that they can last for decades, you can give them a second life instead of letting them sit at the landfill forever. They can be reused or refurbished and can, in some cases, generate electricity again. Other parts of a solar power system can also be recycled. Parts like the inverters and racking equipment can be recycled for electronics, for new technology, or recycled with like metals.

As solar power continues to grow, more solar system recycling companies will pop up. Here are a few companies that recycle solar:

By choosing to go solar, you'll be helping the environment from start to finish. All the more reason to make the switch to solar!

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