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Solar in The Snow: How it Works

The days are getting shorter and snow is on its way. That may seem like the worst combination for a solar system, but the production of panels in the winter may be surprising!

Solar panels are known to collect energy from the sun and convert it into usable energy in your own home. Even in the winter months, these panels generate needed electricity.

Does Temperature Effect Solar Panels?

Solar panels generate their energy from the sun's light rather than the sun's heat. Colder temperatures will not affect your panels' production, it can actually enhance energy production efficiency!

Do My Panels Work in The Snow?

Sunlight can still find its way to panels through light snow. Most panels are also installed at an angle that allows snow to slide off the system.

How Do I Maintain my Panels in The Winter?

As stated earlier, snow tends to slide off solar panels making maintenance on these panels easy. In the case of heavy snow, we recommend calling a roofing professional to clear the snow.

Keep in mind that Fluent Solar provides apps to monitor production all year long. They can help you know when panel maintenance is needed.

Still have questions about solar in the snow? Schedule an appointment with one of our consultants today to clear the air!

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