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Storing Solar Energy

So you are producing more solar energy than you need... What happens to that energy and where can it be stored? When you go solar with Fluent Solar you can choose to add a battery to your solar system depending on your state and utility company. You can also be tied to the grid to store extra energy.

A typical solar system includes panels to harness energy from sunlight, equipment to mount those solar panels, inverter(s) to convert that energy to power your home, and a monitoring system to monitor your energy usage and production.

What happens when you produce more solar energy than you need? A majority of homeowners with solar can be connected to the grid and can be given a credit in return. When you need more electricity than you were able to produce, you can extract more power from the grid and use those extra credits to help offset the utility bill.

If you choose to buy a battery with your system, the extra power you generate from your solar panels can be stored and used later on instead of going to the grid. Batteries are different from the grid because your excess energy is being stored at your home. Also, if you have a power outage and your battery is charged it can power your home until the power outage is over. To get a quote for a system with a battery, click here.

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