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Top 5 Reasons Consumers are Choosing Fluent Solar

As an ever growing industry, solar energy companies are not hard to come by. It makes sense considering our country is becoming more focused on saving money and reducing their carbon footprint.

With all the options available, choosing the right solar company can be difficult. That’s why we have reached out to our customers to find out why Fluent Solar stands above the rest.

1. Fluent Solar Can Save Money

People who chose Fluent Solar can see some serious savings on their electric bill. Our reps are trained to tailor solar systems to your family’s needs. In most cases, this means saving some cash on essential energy!

2. Increased Property Value

Fluent Solar products also increase property value. Home appraisers take Fluent systems into consideration as home buyers across America are becoming more intrigued with solar energy.

3. Industry Leading Warranties

Fluent Solar provides one of a kind warranties covering your system. A lifetime workmanship warranty and a five year production guarantee provides full service of your system and that is hard to find!

4. Customers Can Get Paid to Go Solar

Not only can Fluent customers save money on their utility bills, they can also get paid to do so! Certain states across the country offer tax incentives when you switch to solar energy in an effort to create a cleaner America. Fluent Solar also offers incentives for customers that qualify.

5. High Quality Customer Service

At Fluent Solar, we believe customer communication is key. With highly trained representatives, we are dedicated to helping you along your journey to energy freedom. Not convinced? Check out our reviews!

If you think Fluent Solar is a good fit for you, sign up for a free consultation today!

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