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What You Need To Know Before Going Solar

Going solar is a big move for both the environment and your wallet. We believe you deserve to know what is happening with your investment. Here is what you should know before choosing Fluent Solar.

Solar Panels Are Sized Based on Your Energy Consumption

When a consultant is preparing the details of your system, they will ask for a utility bill. We need to know just how much energy you are using in order to optimize the production and size of your system.

Fluent Offers Several Different Financing Options

Fluent Solar offers several different financing options making it easy for you and your family to afford clean energy. We are also one of few businesses in the industry that allows you to purchase your solar system upfront.

The Solar Process Can Take Some Time

Getting solar panels installed and running can take longer than some may think. Fluent Solar has to work hand in hand with utilities companies and cities in order to have your solar system safely operational. Luckily, our customer support team is always here to update you throughout the process!

Now that you are more familiar with Fluent Solar, sign up for a free consultation today!

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