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Let's Clear the Air.


How does solar work?

Solar panels work by taking energy from the sun and converting it into energy your home can use. By doing this, solar power can lower your carbon production as well as lower your utility bill! To learn more about how solar panels can work for you, check out this blog post.


How do I pay for solar?

Here at Fluent Solar we offer several options for financing depending on what works best for your family. We also provide the option of purchasing the system upfront.

What are the benefits of  solar?

Solar power has many benefits including reduced air pollution, ownership of your power and reduced utility bills. Some customers find themselves getting paid to go solar as well!


How much does solar cost?

The cost of solar is fluid and depends on several factors. The biggest factor in the cost of solar is the size of the system. The cost of solar is also determined by your location. Our consultants are trained to get you the right system size for the best price. Find out how much solar costs on average in each state here

What packages do we provide?

We provide a few different package additions for when you go solar. One of the most popular is the Attic Package which includes a blower door test, attic foam seal, 10 inches of attic insulation, solar attic fan, LED light bulbs, and Nest thermostat. Another popular option is the energy efficiency package which includes the Google Nest thermostat and 24 LED bulbs. Critter guards are also available and can protect your panels from any critter. Fluent offers main panel upgrades as well to prepare your home for solar. To learn more about these packages and more that you can choose from click here.

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What is the solar process?

The process for going solar takes time but it is worth the wait. First, we schedule a site survey to make sure that your home is ready for solar panels. Next, we design the right solar panel layout that works for you. We then submit a permit to your city. Once approved by the city we work to get an installation date that works for our installers and weather conditions. Interconnection is the final step but can sometimes take the longest. We work with your utility company to get permission to operate the system. Finally, we will walk you through turning on your system over the phone with our customer service team.

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