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Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Solar System

How big does your system need to be? It’s a critical question when preparing to switch to clean energy. While we can’t give you an exact answer, we can explain the three step process we use to fit your family with the perfect system.

1. The Utility Bill

One of the first things our consultants will ask for is your utility bill. This allows them to see just how much electricity your family is using. This will also help them evaluate the cost benefit solar can bring to your family.

2. Check for Potential Obstructions

Our consultants will also look for surrounding obstructions that might reduce the amount of energy a system can produce. These obstructions include tree shading and shadows from other homes.

3. The Proposal is Created

Once all of these things are taken into consideration, our solar consultants submit the information to create a proposal that includes all the details about your solar system, including the size.

The process is easy and comes at no cost to you. Find out how big your solar system needs to be today!

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