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Why Solar is a Better Option for the Planet

Solar panels rely on the sun to produce energy which makes them a clean source for electricity. Investing in solar energy will help us to be less dependent on fossil fuels. You will win because of the abundant energy the sun provides.

Solar is better for the environment compared to fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas. This is because solar helps clear the air while burning fossil fuels is polluting the air we breathe. Fossil fuels also rely on water to cool down power plants while solar power doesn't need water to produce electricity.

Solar is cheaper than relying on fossil fuels for electricity because the price of fossil fuels fluctuates so it is not as reliable as solar can be. You'll be saving your money and making a responsible choice for the planet. Did you also know that after solar panel's expected maximum lifetime of 25 years, the panels can be recycled? Capture clean energy today!

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